Getting ready for the holidays

Red Roses, Silver Wings, Jet Teardrops, Silver accents this necklace and earrings

what an adventure, creating jewelry with beautiful metals, semi-precious gems, glass beads, and stunning pendants into – as my friend at the Gila Winterfest, where I both showed my jewelry and played music for the event – called my architectural pieces.

Architectural jewelry; a jazzy fusion mixing metals, colors, gems and glass, in creative combinations.

It’s true, I like my necklaces to have both beauty and form.

  • Beauty from the precious metals, semi-precious gems, and various glass beads, pendants, crosses and other focal point pieces, either hand crafted by me or discovered in bazaars around the world.
  • Forms by using silver and copper to create shapes that drape around the neck, drip into cleavage, dangle from ears, ornamented with beads.

to purchase this piece go to my etsy shop at:

thank you!


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